Madrid Platform welcomes Iberia as a strategic partner for its international business HUB between Europe and Latin America.

  • The signing of the agreement took place last Friday, November 20, at the Madrid Platform offices in Madrid.
  • Madrid Platform is organizing an event (physical, semi-virtual and completely virtual) for May 2021 and is emerging as one of the main levers of the economic reactivation plan envisaged by Madrid City Council, which is actively supporting the project as an official partner. 
  • The collaboration and participation agreement between Iberia and Madrid Platform will guarantee a range of benefits to Iberia customers, as well as active participation in the more than 3,500 group meetings, one-on-one meetings, workshops and talks by leading experts expected to take place during the event, as well as face-to-face or virtual attendance.


Madrid, December 2, 2020. Leading airline IBERIA has signed as a Strategic Partner for Madrid Platform, the major international business HUB between Europe and Latin America, and one of Madrid City Council’s strategic levers for economic reactivation. 

The signing of the agreement took place last Friday, November 20, at the Madrid Platform offices in Madrid, located in the Impact Hub Barceló. Víctor Moneo, Iberia’s Director of Institutional Agreements joined Carlos Morales, Director General of Madrid Platform and Chairman of MSH Global to formalize the partnership and highlight the airline’s support for Madrid Platform and Madrid’s City Council as they seek to position the capital as business bridge between Europe and Latin America. The event is scheduled for May 2021.

Madrid Platform is envisaged as a new way of doing business and of connecting companies across borders and sectors. The project seeks to connect more than 500 companies from Europe and Latin America to explore real business opportunities through personalized one-on-one meetings, rounds of presentations for emerging companies and active networking events. The vent will also bring together leading  experts to hear and explore their views on the future of companies, institutions and society as a whole, as we embrace the so-called “new normal”, while at the same time creating synergies between SMEs in Europe and Latin America at a time of social distancing. To further the Platform’s aims, the organization is preparing a mixed-format event (physical and virtual) for May 2021. The goal is to foster a conversation among experts and leading players around the main issues of interest on the global agenda and, specifically, aspects that directly affect Ibero-American countries.

During the presentation of the project by Madrid’s City Council on October 7 (read report), the Deputy Mayor, Begoña Villacís, explained that the project “was already part of the City Council’s reactivation strategy” and that  Madrid “needs to become the best city in the world to work in” and become a benchmark for the generation of business ideas in the new post-COVID-19 business world.

Director General of Madrid Platform Carlos Morales thanked Iberia for its support, and highlighted the importance of its becoming part of the Madrid Platform ecosystem. “Having the support of Iberia as a Strategic Partner is key to understanding Madrid Platform, is key to understanding what we want to convey to both sides of the Atlantic with regard to the opportunities that Madrid represents as an international business center. Iberia is a recognized brand for everyone who travels between the two continents in search of opportunities or business; Madrid Platform will be there, thanks to this great company.” He then personally invited Iberia to participate in the 3,500 meetings that are expected to be held over the course of the event and which, by all estimates, will have a success rate of more than 60% in terms of business outcomes”.

Meanwhile, Víctor Moneo, Iberia’s Director of Institutional Agreements, highlighted “the importance of projects such as Madrid Platform, which is uniquely positioned to boost business and economic recovery between Europe and Latin America” – key markets for the airline. Moneo highlighted the key role of Madrid’s City Council, and celebrated its strategic commitment to promoting the city of Madrid abroad as a business hub that connects companies from all over Europe and Latin America. Referring to the pandemic, Moneo highlighted safety on board for all IATA travelers: “Of the 1.2 billion passengers who have traveled since the beginning of 2020, only 44 have tested positive for COVID-19 whose infection might be potentially associated with the flight. This is just 1 case per 27 million travelers ”.

Carlos Morales, Director of Madrid Platform, thanked IBERIA for its support in jointly promoting global economic development and for helping to create synergies between small and medium-sized companies throughout Europe and Latin America.

The agreement between Iberia and Madrid Platform will offer attendees of the May event MP2021 discounts on flights operated by IBERIA to Madrid  and thus facilitate the coming together of European and Ibero-American companies in their natural meeting point: Madrid, the Spanish capital and international business hub.


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